Here are some comments and reviews we picked up from our participants:

Church leadership lessons from Disney World” from Mark Wingfield at Baptist News Global

“This conference was perfect timing for us as we are launching a vision campaign for our congregation for the next 3-5 years. The content given was excellent and translated for us, a reminder of the basics of congregational care and how everything we do stems from relationships and interaction with those we encounter every day. We’re taking a closer look from every angle of our church’s ministries to see how we are engaging our folks and making them feel loved and included.” – Lynn Turner, Senior Associate Pastor, Richmond’s First Baptist Church

“Such a great tour and experience. Loved seeing and hearing so much and seeing the priority of values and how that influences all the decisions that are made. Truly helpful, insightful and thoughtful.”

“So glad I stumbled upon this and our pastors were behind our attendance. Loved having all my senses filled and ideas to bring back and chew on.”

“Would like to come back with a large group from my church! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the vision and groundwork!”

“Great mix of teaching, listening, sharing. I liked that people came from different-sized churches, different backgrounds. Thank you for sharing.”

“Innovative, creative. I usually regret and “Baptist” conferences. This was thought provoking and insightful.”

“So much to think about! And so many things I would like to apply and share. Will definitely have things/ideas I am bringing back to my church.”