Where do you want to Learn?


We are surrounded by information. There are very few facts that we can’t access with the touch of a few buttons. We are drowning in information, but information is not the same as learning. When we learn actually something, we internalize it. It becomes a part of us and we can then use that experience to shape our lives.

Genuine learning is active. It is participatory. There is no substitute for immersing yourself in a working environment and learning from being present, truly present, in the experience.

Here at Learn By Going, we strive to provide leaders with immersive and vibrant experiences in environments rich with opportunities for genuine learning. More than thinly veiled tourist trips disguised as “professional development,” we seek to give participants an opportunity to experience something first-hand and equip them to return to their place of service and make a difference.

Explore our current offerings:

Magic_Kingdom_SmallKingdom Hospitality & Creativity – Walt Disney World, January 30 – February 2, 2017

nyc_1024Faith & The Arts – New York City, May 15-18, 2017