Meet The Staff

jay_01_webJay Lynn

Learn By Going is Jay’s brainchild, born out of the philosophy that immersive learning opportunities should occur over an entire lifetime. Why should awesome life changing experiences be limited to college internships and alternative Spring breaks?

Jay has worked as a consultant, a bureaucrat, a teacher, a missionary, a graphic designer, an illustrator, a web developer, an innkeeper, entrepreneur, and an ordained minister. He is waiting for the stray bit of cosmic radiation to come along so he can add “superhero” to the list.

He lives with his very patient wife and two kids on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, where he serves St. Martin Baptist Fellowship as the Executive Director of their non-profit endeavors and the pastor of their church fellowship.

woody_01_webDavid Woody
Orlando, Kingdom Hospitality & Creativity

David Woody seeks to find ways to connect the Gospel and the Kingdom of God with folks living everyday life. His role as Minister of Faith Development at Providence Baptist Church in Charleston, SC allows him the opportunity try his best to make those connections for all age groups.

Woody has been dressing up as Woody Cowboy every Halloween since 1995 and is a huge fan of all things Disney.

He is a reader, a writer, a cyclist, and according to his daughters is “way too sensitive.” Woody recently self-published the Kindle book, Active Prayers for Busy Families: 90 Activities to Pray on the Go Anytime, Anywhere. Most importantly, he is married to Kristen and stays busy keeping up with his four children—Brooks, Blair, Sarah, and Matthew.

Mark Wingfield
New York, Faith & The Arts

Mark Wingfield has a passion for using the arts to learn about faith. As a pastor, he coordinates an ongoing series of visual arts exhibitions and frequently incorporates the visual and performing arts in his teaching and writing. In collaboration with Jay Lynn, he has conceived this conference as a means to help pastors and lay leaders see whispers of spiritual inspiration and beauty in architecture, sculpture, painting, landscaping, painting and sacred remembrance. Mark recently gave a TED Talk in Charlottesville, Va., and is a regular columnist for Baptist News Global.

Orlando, Kingdom Hospitality & Creativity
Our Keynote PresenterJ. Jeff Kober

Jeff was formerly a leader with the Disney Institute, a best-practices institution modeled on America’s first corporate university. While there, Jeff was responsible for working across the entire Walt Disney World Resort and designing Disney’s customer service programs. The models, concepts, and examples of those programs were later introduced to corporate America in Be Our Guest, a popular benchmarking title published by The Disney Institute, with a forward by CEO Michael Eisner. He continues to be the benchmarking watchdog for best-in-business practices throughout the Walt Disney Company, having recently released his second edition of The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney. He has also written Lessons From Epcot: In Leadership, Business & Life; and Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz. Additionally he has created the Disney at Work interactive app series.

See Jeff’s full bio here.